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cmsWe use the latest technology and feature-rich programming which allows you to fully manage your store or catalog without special software or advanced computer skills!


Some important features you'll have control over are:

Add, edit & delete products
Create product categories & sub-categories
Control item quantities & stock
Hold sales & display featured items
Cross sell by displaying related products

Store Features
From the visitors point of view.

Categories & Sub-categories of Products
Thumbnail & Detailed Product Photos
Add to Cart
Add to Wishlist
Product Notification
Tell a Friend
Affiliate Program
Read / Write Product Reviews
Simple & Advanced Search
Product Recommendations
Product Accessories
News Desk
FAQ Desk
New Products
Sale Products
Best Sellers
View Cart & Secure Checkout
Account Registration & Login
View Purchase History
View Order Status
Multiple Payment Options
Multiple Shipping Options
Optional Addons

Administrator Member Groups

Define Store Admin Members Define Admin Member Groups

This allows you define groups with full or limited admin level file access to your store administration. It is not necessary to define additional groups/admins if there is only one store admin.


Update Store Admin Accounts Update Account
Update account is used to update details on your admin login account such as name, email address, password, etc.

File Access

Setting file access permissions for admin member groups is as easy as point, click and submit. This allows you to limit the permissions and abilities of other admin groups.


With an E-Commerce Store or Online Catalog, every visitor is a potential customer! Take the first steps to creating your store on-line and contact with us today!